Stimmlos Zwei

Piece for 5 dancers and 10 amateur dancers over 60 years old

Duration : 45′ – 2018 creation

The cohabitation of the two generations was essential for me. The opportunity to put on stage a moving fresco of our humanity, our fears and our desires, making us humans beyond generations, while looking at the differences in visions emerging from them.

Arthur Perole, 2018

Arthur Perole is 20 years old when he creates his first piece, Stimmlos, inspired by themes dear to Dark Romanticism. But at 60 or 70, what are the relationships with death, time passing, regrets, desire, sexuality…? What remains of the thoughts and visions projected onto future lives now lived?

Stimmlos Zwei extends Arthur Perole’s reflection on transmission and transposition through the harmonious cohabitation of two generations, the interaction of two sets of bodies rich in their differences and complementary natures. In an abstract space-time and an acute slowness. The piece opens a new avenue of research on choreographic sharing and the “living together” dear to the artist.

Choreography : Arthur Perole
Dancers : Eva Assayas, Marie Barthélémy, Ariane Derain, Steven Hervouet, Yoan Hourcade, Dominique Fargetton, Suzanne Fraiz, Charlie Kassab, Lucienne Lebouard, Jacques Maugein, Marie-Georges Pruneau, Aline Ruggieri, Aline Soutif, Danielle Talbot, Louis Vankerckhoven
Artistic assistant : Marie Barthélémy
Music : Richard Wagner (Préludes)
Sound : Julien Carton
Lighting : Manuel Privet
Production and Touring : Sarah Benoliel

Production : Compagnie F
Coproduction : ZEF

“Inspired by the movement of Black Romanticism and more particularly by Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, Arthur Perole succeeds in creating a choreographic painting in which beauty and purity have no age. Those of bodies and emotions alike.”


Tournées passées

Saison 2019 – 2020

sam 14 mars
Théâtre Joliette en partenariat avec KLAP Maison pour la danse MARSEILLE

Saison 2017 – 2018

mer 30 mai
Merlan scène nationale à MARSEILLE