Performance for 7 dancers, a singer and a musician

Duration : 90′ – 2018 creation

I’m not quoting tarantella, I’m recreating it by mixing it, for example, with techno sounds. (…) There is the desire to get together, to restore the pleasure of dancing and who knows, even to the point of trance !

Arthur Perole, 2018 

Subdued red light, floor lined with black fabrics, carnival masks for each member of the audience… a festive wind rises with Fool!

The fruit of Arthur Perole’s deep desire to anchor the presence of the audience and their active participation at the heart of his act of creation, the performance is inspired by the furious and frenzied Italian tarantella, practiced in Puglia in southern Italy. The combination of solos splitted within a – preferably atypical – space and of a gathering initiated by the arrival of a DJ.

Procession, parade, dances… listening to this choreographic and musical whirlwind, everyone is invited to participate in this dance experience conceived as a place of liberation of the bodies and a collective practice of the outlet.

Cast and creative
Choreography : Arthur Perole
Artistic collaboration : Alexandre Da Silva
Dancers : Marion Carriau, Alexandre Da Silva, Julien Andujar, Séverine Bauvais, Joachim Maudet, Arthur Perole, Lynda Rahal, Cindy Emelie et Eva Assayas (replacing)
Singer : Mélanie Moussay
Musician : Marcos Vivaldi
Production and Touring : Sarah Benoliel
Administration : Anne Vion

Production : Compagnie F
Coproduction : Les Monuments Nationaux

With the support of Merlan – Scène nationale de Marseille

credits @Bohlthomas

« Gradually mutating towards a mixture of electronic sound and trance, the music comes to build a common space to release oneself. The audience is thus caught up in a moving communion and will, perhaps, take part in the trance, in the dance, in going ‘outside of oneself’. »


« Need to rediscover the flavor of the gesture, to give back meaning to the movement, to take an escaping audience by the hand, to regain a lost depth by reconnecting the contemporary with the popular hold. »

Télérama Sortir 

« The magic of collectiveness, like a ritual, a celebration, an emulation, elating a group emotion, everyone leading the other and whirling under the bass and percussions mixed in a corner of the room by a DJ. »

Toute la Culture

Tournées passées

Saison 2019 – 2020

dim 16 fév

Palais des Papes dans le cadre du festival les Hivernales – CDCN AVIGNON


sam 16 mai

Musée de l’art moderne dans la cadre La nuit des musées PARIS


Saison 2018 – 2019

sam 22 sept

Château D’If avec le Merlan scène nationale de Marseille et Les Monuments nationaux

Création – Annulé

Saison 2017 – 2018

sam 17 fév

La conciergerie de Paris dans le cadre du festival Faits d’hiver PARIS

FOOL D’HIVER – étape
de travail

mer 18 juil

Palais de Tokyo dans le cadre du séminaire annuel de l’Institut Français PARIS

FOOL D’HIVER – étape
de travail